Dirty Martini with Swan Tshirt Design

I recently finished a design for burlesque superstar Dirty Martini. She's headed back on tour and wanted t-shirts that featured her new swan act. Photographer Steven Menendez made a great picture of Dirty with the swan costume, so we agreed to use that as a basis for the design. I reduced the photograph down to a simple line drawing using ink and digital methods. I then composited in brushed lettering to stand in for the feathers. 

Dirty and I have been friends for years and in 2007 I made a drawing of her that ended up on the International Space Station. You can read more about that here, or just ask me in person because I never stop talking about it.

Photoshop mock-up of the printed shirt

Brushed lettering on bristol board

Initial Concept Sketch

Original photograph by Steven Menendez

Original photograph by Steven Menendez