"Ganesh" Enamel Pin

I'm proud to announce my latest pin design collaboration with Su Lee at Oriental Art Gallery in San Francisco. This "Ganesh" design is a heavy-duty black/gold enamel pin with two clutches on the back so he doesn't spin around. The design is made to compliment our earlier (and slightly smaller) "Quan Yin" design, so they'll look great together.

This pin is available for $12 plus shipping on Etsy. A very limited number of them are available at Oriental Art Gallery in San Francisco, but you'll have to go there in person (open everyday, 1pm-6pm) to get yours direct from Su Lee. If you go there, please load up on her fine selection of vintage enamel pins.

Patreon patrons were the first to get the Ganesh pin. I mailed them out right away. If you'd like to get pins from me on a regular basis with priority availability, consider joining my Patreon campaign at the $10/month level. I send supporters things regularly and I really appreciate people that make this art-object habit possible. 

Examples of process from concept sketch to finished design.

Size comparison for scale.

Size comparison for scale.