Mural at Planet Labs

In February 2019, I was commissioned by Planet Labs in San Francisco to create a mural for their new offices. I had participated in an artist residency program with Planet in 2015, so it was nice to hear from them about this opportunity.

The space chosen was roughly thirty feet long and ten feet tall, along a hallway between work areas. Because of the close quarters and the nature of the office (it’s a laboratory, among other things) it was decided that a printed vinyl application would be best. So, I designed the mural in Adobe Illustrator which allows artwork to be enlarged without pixelation. I’m really happy with the way the finished installation looks and I hope that the people at Planet Labs like the art too.

Below, you can see some images from the process of creating the mural from sketches to finished vector artwork.

Previously- My 2015 Planet Labs Residency

Process from sketches to final art

Concept sketches for the mural

Finished Mural Art for Planet Labs

Vectors in Adobe Illustrator