Last Update - 11/03/15

SAND Removal Services LLC Exit Counseling Session Video LAT-A1 

This is the latest draft of the Exit Counseling Session with the slideshow, puppet show scenario, and exit questions included. The audio has also been adjusted for clarity.



SAND Symptoms Checklist/Questionnaire Form LAT-A1-B

This form collects an overview of the subject's personal information and mental state.


SAND Worksheet LAT-A1 REV01

This is the latest version of the SAND worksheet that subjects will use to follow along with the video. The worksheet also includes a personal information header, some introductory questions, and instructions for processing.

Download paperwork on Dropbox (1.8Mb zip)


Worksheet LAT-A1 REV01

The Slides

Currently, the slides are a mix of arbitrary objects and society-resonant artifacts. I think it would be nice if a few are extra mundane and/or funny.

The slideshow effect was created with a combination of Photoshop and Adobe Premier using built-in transition effects and some adjustment for focus and blur tweaks. The slideshow was then exported over to iMovie for integration into the rest of the video. For an in-person appointment, these slides could be made into actual slides. I have a Kodak 760H, ready to go. Alternatively, a digital projector could achieve a similar result.

The Audio

The Audio for the proof-of-concept video was created using Acapela Group's website in conjunction with desktop audio recorder Audio Hijack. The voice is "Rachael" (UK English). The result was then filtered through Adobe Audition to create a tinny vintage tape-deck sound. Muzak was added for flavor.