Poster, 2008 

In 2008, I was commissioned to design the poster for Robogames, an annual robotics competition in San Francisco. Robogames is considered the Olympics of competitive robotics, with events ranging from soccer to arena battles. My design is based on a robot from the Sumo competition. Those robots are about sixteen inches tall, so I wanted the gold sprocket medal to appear huge and extra heroic.

Fun Fact: The arena behind the robot is populated with blocks created from scans of old computer punch cards.

T-Shirt, 2015

For the 2015 event, I was tasked with creating a tshirt for the Robogames staff. The goal was to create a two color design that would work on a number of different colored t-shirts. Art director David Calkins came up with the concept for the design, a robot speaker amp turning the dial to "11"

Working sketch for the design

Working sketch for the design