"All orifices opening, A first impression " by Winnifred


Hot sun and all orifices pour beads of salty nectar

Early girl awaits the click of cards and magnets

Slide again into the mystery

No not yet time

Slide again CLICK, yet no relief

Walk away look for clues

Monitor self doubt

Authentic curiosity pulses

Ponder the door

Look for other buttons

Wonder if I will be made naked and revered or reviled

Time is now

Slide again and….the door knob turns

Coolness and darkness and drapery

Grinning wonder

Deep pulsing, deep pulsing deep pondering the shake of the bass in chest cavity pushing forward

Secure my holster, hold the H20

All openings I want to plunder

This one so inviting smooth, curved bowling alley vagina

My ascendant gave no real clues

and she knows I am bold

Giggling landing, hello human though muted and opaque

I greet you enthusiastically none the less and peek through the hole

Ticket released and procured

Worldly goods offered away with only small concern, trust my ascendant, there is no astray only awesome

The doors to the birth canal beacon bullseye

Into the rug warmed hole

new chem smells

fuzzy shag loose under fingers

fondle, fondle fondle the space

into the bibiophophile bonanza

While most tomes were faux the telling was la verite

Lines and story, moving on the page just as they did in childhood memories

Now wanting to find, no CREATE the hole in the wall, again through the hole, the wholly hole, holey whole, the holy hole

The ancestors den, relics, daguerreotypes of my people, poets, creatives, visionaries, revolutionaries abound. Sisters my sister I see you.

Frozen constellations of cubical form, fresh yet attached from flow and melting. An elixir tested by olfactory delight, a risk taken and enjoyed.

The tuning forks BEG to be struck, the object touched and known yet unreachable.

Grateful for the familiar yet ancient memory of heavy receiver (from Grandma’s house), made of ancient dinosaur flesh heated, purified and compressed into polymer talking handle.

Disembodied voice soothing Instructions give, urgency for movement, yet urges to stay relax, nap even, to here I will return, I know.

Stuff of the outside world retrieved, trusting was trustful

Up and out, deposit pee with the door open so as not to miss a thing.

Pavement producing digits and prompting cuneiform to continue

Awesome directional sense of motorcyclist kicks in and the search begins

Shoe step brightly crossing pavement, shadow side of street, past bar

Through the nodding heroin users, who compliment on my comportment and stylistic form

I accept graciously their praise, as they may be part and parcel, no are part and parcel of the experience

Two blocks wandered and no sign

Tension arises in chest and feet return, like Gretel to corner.

Back again the block, now worry that sign will not appear...

helpful code comes again more clear with numbers of an abode

I find the signal had been obscured by the lovelies, weaving and waving in their opiate haze.

Gently I bid them to look, upon the bronze on which they reside. Smiling at my find, smiling at my humans of highness.

Into watering hole, a card for a coin...more computers pointing the way...I wish for dialogue with my talisman, I banter witty things but get wrote answers. I wonder which humans along my way are involved.

Sadly not the ones one the linage of text. But look at all these other fleshy beings.

Two wheeling to next point, up stairs to flashback arcade

no need for legal tender, just the coin to tell the tale

Smirking the transubstantiation is complete


I know the WORD


Yet know not what to do with the WORD.

Reflecting ride homeward, did I miss something, was I fast enough, that was of great joy, perhaps there is more, that was cool and awesome as it was.

Ascendant insinuates of more, and shows how the WORD placement opens a new portal, a new gift a new possibility…and so here I am, here you are, here are WE.

Seeker and skeptic are welcome, giver and consumer subsumed into one. Creative impulse encouraged, truth co-created, reality tested, nascent innovation with ancient feeling, blind leading the blind seeing with new eyes, wonder rekindled, fears overcome/undermined, just skimming the surface now, but hearing the call of the deep. Again.