6/29 Make My Monday- Sketchfest at Fort Mason

I'll be sketching at Fort Mason Center on Monday June 29th as part of the new "Make My Monday" event. Here's the description from their website:

Got a case of the Mondays? Your Monday is about to get a makeover. The last Monday of every month, starting June 29, 2009. Fort Mason Center will host free happy hour events with the perfect blend of cocktails and culture. Make My Monday will include live art, drinks, and music. Take advantage of the waterfront views, enjoy drink specials, and support the local art community. Make My Monday is held in the spirit of similar events, such as San Francisco-based Southern Exposure's Monster Drawing Rally and 111 Minna's Sketch Tuesday, or the Drink-N-Draw of NYC, Portland, and Chicago. While sipping cocktails, local artists will create original, affordable artwork available for purchase from $5-$50.
RSVP at mmm@fortmason.org or on Facebook to hold your place at the bar.


Hope to see you there!

Burlesque Poster Design Book - Out Now!

Korero Books just released an amazing collection of Burlesque Poster Design. The samples on the website look fantastic, compiling artwork from events like "Exotic World Weekend", "The Yard Dogs Roadshow", and "Velvet Hammer Burlesque". Arists include the likes of Glenn Barr, Paul Pope, and yours truly. They printed my design for the 2004 Miss Exotic World pagent and my portrait of Dirty Martini. I'm awaiting my copy in the mail, but they sent me a preview of my spread via email. Thanks Korero!

Photos from "I HAVE THE POWEr" @Double Punch

Saturday's opening for the He-Man themed "I HAVE THE POWEr" was crammed with people and fantastic art. I question whether many of the attendees were old enough to catch He-Man the first time around, but the spirit was all there. Here are some of my Flickr photos from the event:

"I Have the Power" @Double Punch - Jesse Balmer and a sweet Mekaneck "I Have the Power" @Double Punch - Anthony Hon detail "I Have the Power" @Double Punch - James Brown print "I Have the Power" @Double Punch - West Wall "I Have the Power" @Double Punch - Jeremy Forson "I Have the Power" @Double Punch - Ryan De la Hoz video "I Have the Power" @Double Punch - Phonetic and Jesse "I Have the Power" @Double Punch - Fisto "I Have the Power" @Double Punch - Sherwyn's Faker "I Have the Power" @Double Punch - Ben Collison "I Have the Power" @Double Punch - Roque Ballesteros "I Have the Power" @Double Punch - South Wall (look, Alan Lau!) "I Have the Power" @Double Punch - Front Door "I Have the Power" @Double Punch - Early Crowd "I Have the Power" @Double Punch "I Have the Power" @Double Punch "I Have the Power" @Double Punch "I Have the Power" @Double Punch - Title by Ryan De la Hoz

6/26 @Coco-luxe Confections with "Kitten on the Keys"

Coco-luxe Confections
Friday, June 26th, 2009
1673 Haight St.
San Francisco

On Friday, June 26th I'll be at Coco-luxe Confections as part of San Francisco's monthly Upper-Haight Art Stroll. In keeping with the sugary-sweet venue, I'm showcasing artwork that I've made in collaboration with "Kitten on the Keys", Suzanne Ramsey. Miss Ramsey will be on-hand at the shop to meet and greet fans. I'll have a limited edition print that I've made especially for the event. Here's a taste:

Ramsey with AnubisAlso, check out my Case Study - Kitten on the Keys that chronicles my work with Suzanne. Hope to see you at the event.

6/20 He-Man Show at Double Punch, SF

On Saturday, June 20th, 2009 I'll be participating in a He-Man and the Masters of the Universe themed art event at Double Punch Gallery in San Francisco. The line up includes a ton of great talent, including Phoneticontrol, Ben Collison, Anthony Hon, and Ghostbot pioneer (and creator of "Joe Paradise") Roque Ballesteros. Here's the infos and the flyer for the event:

June 20th - July 19th, 2009
Opening Reception
June 20th, 7pm-Late
Double Punch Gallery
1821 Powell St. @ Fillbert
San Francisco, CA 94133

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New Prints for June, 2009

I've just update my store with five new prints for June, 2009. This month's offerings include "Faker and Child" (seen above) which is part of Double Punch Gallery's "I HAVE THE POWER" He-Man themed art event. I'll be rotating these out in July with a fresh batch of five, so get them while you can. If you missed out on the previous five offerings, stay tuned because I might slip one or two back in from month-to-month.

Also, the store section of my site serves up an RSS feed of the current listings. If you plug this into your favorite RSS reader (like iGoogle, Netvibes, or Pageflakes) you can always stay current on the latest prints.

6/6 Papercraft show @Super7, SF

I'll be showing a custom designed "Thought Processor" papercraft figure and an accompanying painting this weekend at Super7 Store in San Francisco. The group show features many talented artists and designers taking on Phoneticontrol's "Thought Processor" template.
Here's a link to Phonetic's Flickr set regarding the series:

Here's a preview of my design:
"Thought Processor" Custom Papercraft 1"Thought Processor" Custom Papercraft 2

5/23, Second Life Art Show

Museum of Robots Show 2, originally uploaded by Josh Ellingson.

The Museum of Robot Art is hosting an exhibit of my work in Second Life, the popular virtual community. I'll be attending the opening (yeah, I know, it's awesome!) so if you are about Second Life, please stop in and say hello. I'm told that there will be an audio tour, refreshments, and a complimentary virtual poster for those that stop in for the opening.
Museum of Robots Show 1

Bots, Bugs, and Beasts
the art of Joshua Ellingson
Opening Reception May 23rd, 9am (PST)
(my Second Life name is "Grover Zelin")

There will be pics and video online at:

Review- Gary Baseman, Dying of Thirst

Here's of my my latest reviews, from the Pages of Hi-Fructose Magazine:

Dying of Thirst
New Paintings by Gary Baseman
44 pages, Hardcover
Last Gasp

I imagine a scenario in which an uninitiated bookstore employee accidentally mis-shelves "Dying of Thirst, New Works by Gary Baseman" in the children's book section of a Borders bookstore somewhere in Omaha. Hordes of eager children flock to page through horrifyingly amusing pictures of naked, bloody children, ghosts, bats and goo while screaming parents yank them away, cursing and sweating, and all the while formulating the story they will relay to the jury. It's a rare and generous thing to get such large reproductions in a catalog of such a small show but it makes the book look startlingly thin. You could almost hang the thing on the wall with a few thumbtacks, dim the lights, and serve your own wine and cheese. This body of work does have some surprises, even for those fully marinated in the juices of "pervasive" art. Baseman starts with pencil studies on weathered German book pages and moves on to monochromatic appropriation of pin-up girl photo outtakes. All of this culminates with full landscape compositions incorporating many of the characters and poses in the previous sections. Thematically, the body of work is tied together with dripping, flesh-toned ambivalence. Gone are the hapless dunces, and other sorry saps who may have stumbled into the scenes. There are no innocent bystanders to latch onto in this collection. Everyone is guilty. Other highlights include floating intestine clouds, tiny skeletons, and creepy arms where there ought to be feet. Dying of Thirst is the latest collection of Baseman's work, published by Last Gasp, and serves as the catalog for his 2007 show, "I Melt in Your Presence", at Modernism Gallery in San Francisco. Look for it at your local bookstore. Be sure to sneak one into the kiddie section, crack open a Clamato, and watch the madness begin.