Octopus Art for Sensel

Last year, I helped beta test a new input device called the Sensel Morph. It's a super sensitive surface that can pick up a wide range of pressure. You can even use a real paint brush to capture brush strokes in digital art programs. Sensel makes silicone overlays that allow musicians to use the Morph for music, gaming overlays for gamers, etc. This year, Sensel commissioned me to create artwork for the reception area of their office. They liked my octopus drawings and requested one that would work with their colors and showcase the Morph's overlays.

The artwork was created digitally in Adobe Illustrator and output onto an 8'x5' canvas. I think it turned out pretty good. You can learn more about Sensel and their Morph tablet at their website.

Concept Sketches for the Sensel Octopus