Chase No Face T-shirts

Did you know that Chase No Face is turning 10 years old next week? Well, in honor of her tenth year among us, I've launched a couple of new t-shirt designs featuring Chase. The first design is a re-worked version of a portrait that I made in 2011. The second design is a brand new cartoony Chase that I've been sketching and posting on Instagram. The Instagram posts come on the heels of an epic Valentines' Day visit with Chase in San Diego, California. This post also explains some backstory on this unique and lovable animal.

The shirts come in lots of different colors, styles, and sizes (onsies, even) through Teespring. Teespring runs timed-sales with a set cut off date and goal number. These shirts will run until 4/27 we're hoping to sell a few dozen of each. Half of the profits from this sale will benefit Chase No Face's eye ointment fund. If you'd like to donate directly to Chase's Paypal fund, you can do that here on her blog. Let's keep Chase's face slathered up good. Happy birthday, Chase!

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