Pioneers Of Geospatial Imaging, Ink Lines

In my last update, I introduced you to The Pioneers of Geospatial Imaging. I had just finished the pencil drawings based on some photographic reference that I dug up. Then, it was time to put ink to paper.

For my black linework, I use a combination of brush/ink for initial lines, Adobe Illustrator, and Manga Studio. First, I draw directly over the pencil lines on bristol board paper. Then, I scan the art into Photoshop. After some adjustments, I trace the artwork automatically using a vectorization tool called CocoaPotrace.  This allows me to further manipulate the artwork in Illustrator. Once I've got the basic lines and shapes where I want them, I export the art to a bitmap format and add more details in Manga Studio Pro. 

The next step is to add texture and color. To be continued...