2015, My Year in Review

Every year I'm a little more flabbergasted by how fast it goes. It's the very end of November as I write this and there's still a small chunk of the year left, but in a blink that will over too. Part of it is just being continually occupied with projects, I suppose. To that end, 2015 has definitely been my busiest year as a working artist. So much happened both professionally and personally. Right now I'm still riding the wave of gratitude and tryptophan from Thanksgiving, so I'm feeling introspective I guess. This year I've learned a lot about community, family, letting people in and letting some people go. It's difficult to outline everything that happened, and some stuff you wouldn't believe me if I told you anyway. Here are some highlights.

I've written a lot of these recaps over the years and it seems like I always end it with, "Who knows what 20-- has in store??", but this time I don't think it's ever been more honest. I honestly have no idea what's going on next year beyond parts of January. I hope it's as interesting as this year and maybe even just a little better. I wish my friends, family, and community of local weirdos the best for the coming year. I'm just glad to be here. Talk to you soon.