"Bullseye the Dog" Illustrations for Target at D23 Expo

The marketing and event wizards at Manifold hired me to create artwork for Target's presence at the 2015 D23 Expo in Anaheim, California. D23 is Disney's annual pop-culture and animation festival and seems to be getting bigger every year. This year, Manifold transformed Target's booth into a gigantic zoetrope and loaded it with fun animation activities like a create-a-zoetrope photo booth.

I worked with Manifold and Target to make an animation-inspired version of the Bullseye the Dog mascot. As one might expect, Target had some very specific guidelines for their brand. To test the waters on some of the more adventurous ideas, we pitched Bullseye in many different vintage animation styles (see below). In the end, we landed on a simple yet fun version on the terrier and I even created a few more subtle versions of that (see right).

The booth also included some simple animated elements in the form of spinning zoetropes. Zoetropes are early-animation tools that create the illusion of movement by looking through the slats in a spinning cylinder. The finished animation can be seen here: