"The Madame"

"The Madame" was created specifically for an upcoming tentacles-themed art event at Ltd. Gallery in Seattle, WA. The show features a myriad of pop-culture influenced artists and is curated by Bonnie Burton. My piece is inspired by black velvet pin-up girl art, black-light poster art, and the tireless work of Jacque Cousteau. 12x18" prints of the image are available right now at the Prints section of my website or directly below this post.

Here are some process shots of "The Madame".

Pencil/Ink sketches on paper.

Ink drawing on bristol board.

Basic vector artwork in Adobe Illustrator

Detailing in Manga Studio and Photoshop.

The Madame, 12x18"

Ready to frame with edge-to-edge black background. Each print is signed in blue pencil.

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