"ROBOT POWER" Poster for Willow Garage

Poster for Willow Garage's PR2 Robot and "Box Turtle" ROS Software Robotics firm, Willow Garage hired me to create this poster for their booth at the upcoming Robogames 2010 event. The poster features one of their most advanced robots, the PR2. The thing is loaded with sensors to help it navigate through your messy living room, and it's articulated arms move with unreal fluidity and speed. One of the PR2's latest achievements is the ability to seek out a wall outlet and plug itself in! Besides the impressive hardware, Willow Garage is pushing it's open-source ROS robotics software platform. "Box Turtle" is their latest release, which is what all the turtles are about in the poster.

There are more images from the process of creating this poster in my "Robot Power" Flickr set here