Photos from "Playdate" @lowerdeck, SF

"Playdate" at the brand-spanking-new lowerdeck gallery went off last night in a swanky basement near the bay. The show really came together nicely, with lots of good stuff from local heroes like Dave Crossland, Adam Flores, and Tony Papesh. All of us from the Local 303 were showing artwork as well. Matt Delight, Dave Gravey, and I held down the fort for most of the evening. Jason Dryg and his family hung in there until their toddler wore himself out. The variety of artwork was impressive, ranging from tiny and delicate watercolor pieces to a room-filling light/sound installation.

Here are my photos, via Flickr:
Tori and Todd
Matt, Liz, Dave, and Nicole

And here's a video of Emmett Feldman's installation: