Photos from Comic Con Int'l 2009

I made a quick trip to San Diego for the annual Comic Con International. Here are a few of my photos from the trip (via Flickr):

Miriam and Mike SDCC09 - Blurriness is a know side effect... SDCC09 - Molly ordered the flaming soup SDCC09 - Artist Mitch O'Connell SDCC09 - SF crew representin' SDCC09 - Gustavo and Alma SDCC09 - Wahab and friend SDCC09 - Easy to look at Bartman SDCC09 - tall banner SDCC09 - Inflatable pals SDCC09 - Castle Greyskull entrance to Mattel booth SDCC09 - Artist Jon Ascher, Jess Jinkies, and Molly Hahn SDCC09 - Superman figure SDCC09 - Matt Rantanen SDCC09 - Star Wars booth SDCC09 - Ghostbot! SDCC09 - Matt at the hat booth