Solo Show at South Carolina State

South Carolina State University's art department has invited me to showcase artwork in their FAB Gallery. The show will feature a selection of my new series "Carrying Home", an exploration of growing up in semi-rural Michigan at my grandparents' farmhouse.

"I've got so many memories from that place. Because my grandparents
were antique collectors, the house was loaded with interesting stuff.
I was always in the workshop with Grandpa, working on a duck decoy or
fashioning my own ninja weapon from chair legs. The house was
completely rebuilt by my grandfather, and they even built a big red
barn out back. My mother, my aunts and my uncle grew up in that house
too so there's just so much history. Most of this series is about
keeping that home and those memories close to me, carrying it with me.
I don't know what I'm going to do when it's gone."

The show goes up March 23rd and runs through April 14th, 2009. There's more information about SCSU's FAB Gallery at

More information on the show is on SCSU's website here

Below is "Den 1", from the series.

Den 1