11/20 AUTOMATIC @lowerdeck

Jupiter Automaton, originally uploaded by Josh Ellingson.

AUTOMATIC: Art Show Benefit for RoboGames

Do sentient machines dwell on the existential circuit that leads to the spiritual 404 error?
Does being a machine mean just being a device: literarily, artistically and literally?
Or does everything just boil down to everyone?s deep-seated need to crush all humans and plot eventual total world domination?

Find out at Automatic!
November 19, 20, 21, 2009
Exhibit: 5pm-8pm / Beer reception 7pm-12pm on Fri & Sat
@ The lowerDeck Gallery - 2295 3rd Street
(below Sundance Coffee in San Francisco)

Robot Paintings and Sculptures from the prodigious talents of:

Doctor PopularJosh EllingsonI-Wei HuangSimon CoxNils  * Jawa * Jonathan FooteCamp Peavy Alice KoswaraMax ChandlerEliot K. Daughtry Adam Davis Patrick Lake Phoneticontrol * Mike Hales * Bill RobinsonLiz Mamorsky and many many others!