2008 Year in Review!

The pigeons are getting puffy, the sky seems a little lower, and all I think about is ham. This can only mean that it's December and it's time for my annual Year in Review! 2008 is at an end and there were times when I never thought it would happen. How did it go by so fast and so slow at the same time? Let me count the ways:

Jan-April, 2008
oontz, ooontz, oooontzMe and Dirty, spookylikeaftermath1Wondercon '08 - Fuck Yes!Wondercon '08-awww 1Octopus Done 4He-Man Kilt 1My stuff
The year started with an amazing birthday party at my art space, The Local 303:

Then, in February there was Wondercon, an always-epic comic book convention that brought many of my friends to San Francisco.
Also in February, I finished painting Vivienne VaVoom's cast for "Breast Defense", a Keep-A-Breast Foundation benefit auction:

In March, I traveled to Austin, TX for SXSW Interactive. I made artwork for the unofficial afterparty, 16Bit. Here's a guy holding up my poster:

Spring was officially painting season for me, as I turned off the computer and got messy with acrylic. I found all kinds of materials to apply paint to, but none more interesting than my friend Mikey's kilt. Mike tricked me into painting a Masters of the Universe design on his UtiliKilt. Below are the results:

In April, we had Spring Open Studios at the Local 303. I got to show off some of my painting madness and shoot the breeze with the real hardworking Americans. Friend of The Local 303 and local celebrity, "Kitten on the Keys" performed on Sunday.
Here are some photos:

May-August, 2008
Fire Sculpture 2The Devil-Ettes at 25th St. FaireRed Rocket Takes the Leadon the way back from coffeerecord show - PilotGone Fishing - My Big CatchCaptain look-alikes and booth babeNew Site Design
In May, I tagged along with my RoboGames pals to the Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA. It was a beautiful weekend with lots of surreal moments, involving everything from flaming-robots to billy goats. Here's the proof:

Next up was the PowerTool Drag Races at the now defunct ACE Int'l Speedway. I was honored to create the flyer/poster art for this completely unique and dangerous event. More flames, hot-dogs, and mechanical madness here:

In June, I exhibited some painted records at "Vinyl Apocalypse" at Lower Haters Gallery in San Francisco. The group show was loaded with interesting takes on vinyl manipulation. I made an image of Ernie and Bert on a Sesame Street album from the 70's.
And my longtime roommate/goldfish Pilot died, so I made another record painting in his honor:

Also in June was the annual Robogames robot conference/competition in San Francisco. I was humbled to be asked to create the poster artwork for the event. I really love robots. Here's what I made:

In July, I took a trip home to Michigan. It was an inspiring trip. The weather was beautiful and spending time with family was great. I caught a bunch of fish and took a lot of photos. Look, here they are:

The biggest event of the year for me is always Comic Con Int'l in San Diego, CA. This year it didn't look like I was going to have a table. I was prepared to just mingle and become one with the masses of fans. Instead, I was able to get a last-minute table in Artist Alley! I met loads of great people and made new friends in a completely different part of the convention center (probably a different zip-code as well). Here are some photos of my photos from Comic Con '08:

I completely redesigned my website and relaunched it in August! The new site incorporates a portfolio gallery, an integrated blog, and lots of other new features. If you haven't taken a look, please check it out!
Also, you can now order my art prints on my newly launched web-store. Get the same high quality prints online that you've seen at my art events! Check out the selection here:

Sept-Dec, 2008

w/Satan's Angel @ Tease-O-RamaMy Art on LA Ink- Mark Waid and CthulhuThe Front Door of the Local 303Dexter Dryg and Marusan Gigan>1800 Tequila Bottle 4Essential Artist Shoes Sneak PeekMatt and Sean At APE, 2008
This fall was full of surprises. My artwork for BOOM Studios', "Cthulhu Tales: The Rising" made a cameo appearance on TCL's, "LA Ink". It was cool to see my artwork on a show that I like.

I also got a lot of miles out of 1800 Tequila's "Essential Artists" campaign. My artwork was featured as part of an outdoor media campaign, a high-profile men's magazine print campaign, limited edition bottles, tennis shoes, in-store advertising, and a trade-show booth. I'm just happy to have a bottle of booze to celebrate with:

In October, The Local 303 got together again and participated in Fall Open Studios. We had a great turn-out and it's always nice to have new art on the wall. This Fall's show featured candy, paintings, and lots of babies. People had fun. No, really they did:

The Alternative Press Expo was in November this year. Despite the bad weather, the holiday, the change of date, and the anticipation preceding the election, APE went surprisingly well. It's always nice to see friends who make the trip from out of town and talk to people about art/comics.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but I've still got lingerin' gratitude for all my great friends, family and stalkers out there. Thanks for reading along. I hope you have a pleasant winter and I hope to see you at the next event.

BONUS! Things to look forward to in 2009
-I'm bringing art to the deep south!
-I get older, and you stay pretty!
-The Local 303 turns 3!
-I drink the WHOLE bottle!

-Joshua Ellingson