Drunktweets, 11x17" Print and Originals!

"Drunktweets" is my new ongoing series inspired by Twitter and booze. These tiny, one-of-a-kind paintings are made with paint and ink on mini-canvases at my home studio (probably while I was watching documentary films on Netflix. Ken Burns' "Prohibition" was particularly great). Making artwork in series is addictive. Previously, I'd created prints from a series of Drinking Fish, Drinking Kaijus, and Tiny Blue Paintings. And then there was the "The Daily Slimer" whiteboard kick I was on last year. You can support my latest habit by picking up an 11x17" signed print of some of my favorite Drunktweets so far. The print is shipped signed and rolled in a tube for $20.

The original paintings featured in the print are available on Etsy for $35 (shipping included within the US. $5 elsewhere).

Here are some process photos of the Drunktweets series: