RED RUM 12x18" Poster - $20, shipped!

Just got these great poster prints back from the printer ahead of Wondercon and wanted to make them available here first! They're 12x18", ready to pop into a frame and they're only $15 (+$5 USPS shipping in the US, +$10 internationally)! I'll sign it and throw in some goodies too. Get them before I take them to off to Anaheim!

Señorita Piggy

"Señorita Piggy" is available in two-sizes. Pork it up a little at 8.5x11 inches or go whole-hog at a rotund 12x18 inches. The original velvet painting now lives above Kitten on the Keys' piano, but you can hang these high quality reproductions wherever you like. The prints are made on high quality inkjet art paper with dye-based ink for vibrant colors and deep, rich black.

(Pro tip- If you hang it next to a mirror, it's like you have two.)

"Wi-Fi Diner" Back in Stock

After a long absence from my online store, "Wi-Fi Diner" is back and available for purchase. This 11x17" print features my homage to Edward Hopper's classic "Nighthawks" painting. It was originally commissioned by Wired Magazine in 2004 for an article about Wi-Fi in small businesses. 

Wi-Fi Diner, 12x18"
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(All prints are signed and shipped rolled in a tube via USPS Priority Mail or Int'l First Class.)

Drunktweets Mini-Book

I'm pleased to announce a brand new mini-book of my "#drunktweet" paintings! This 28 page booklet reproduces some of my favorite boozy birds so far in their actual 3x3" size. Each book is printed and hand-assembled in my home studio. 

Drunktweets Mini-Book $4 on Etsy (+$2 shipping within the US)


I'll be taking the books and the original #drunktweet paintings to the APE Expo this Saturday and Sunday in San Francisco to unleash on the masses. If you're interested in an original 3x3" #drunktweet painting, get yours on Etsy before I take them down on Saturday.

"#drunktweet" one-of-a-kind 3x3" paintings on Etsy - $35 each (free shipping within the US) 

Drunktweets, 11x17" Print and Originals!

"Drunktweets" is my new ongoing series inspired by Twitter and booze. These tiny, one-of-a-kind paintings are made with paint and ink on mini-canvases at my home studio (probably while I was watching documentary films on Netflix. Ken Burns' "Prohibition" was particularly great). Making artwork in series is addictive. Previously, I'd created prints from a series of Drinking Fish, Drinking Kaijus, and Tiny Blue Paintings. And then there was the "The Daily Slimer" whiteboard kick I was on last year. You can support my latest habit by picking up an 11x17" signed print of some of my favorite Drunktweets so far. The print is shipped signed and rolled in a tube for $20.

The original paintings featured in the print are available on Etsy for $35 (shipping included within the US. $5 elsewhere).

Here are some process photos of the Drunktweets series: