Manifold Creative Agency

I've been working with creative agency Manifold on and off for the last few years on a number of projects. They always have unique projects and we seem to be on the same page with weird concepts. Here are a few:

Manifold x Octopus

After opening their San Francisco offices, Manifold hired me to create this custom piece of art to hang in the studio.  We went back and forth on a number of ideas. At one point I was dead set on drawing a decommisioned rocket engine but I think the octopus/v-8 was the right decision for the office.

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"Ms. Manifold" Arcade Cabinet

For Manifold's 4th Anniversary event, they commissioned me to create artwork for a custom arcade game cabinet. My concept was to invent a fictitious game based on the octopus/engine artwork. This time our hero would be a spicy female character like Ms. Pacman but in engine block form. Instead of ghosts, the antagonists are cephalopod-like creatures. But I also wanted the outer space elements of Galaga so I set the background against the Solar System.


Feeder Tweeter

As a side project, Manifold decided to create a birdhouse that would snap photos of birds and post those pics to Twitter. According to their blog:

The concept is simple on the surface; build an autonomous solar powered bird feeder that detects motion, snaps photos and uploads them to Twitter.  The rest of this article details out the building of such a device and the things we learned along the way.  We have decided to open source the entire project so you’ll also find links to software & hardware diagram downloads at the end.

My take was to treat the Feeder Tweeter like a roadside attraction for birds. I gave the robot a neon sign with lights. If you look closely, you can see the Manifold logo inside the lightbulbs.