Murals in Anger, Austria at "Ellingson Bridge"

During the Summers of 2013 and 2014, I was an artist-in-residence for the KOMM.ST "Ten Days" art festival in the Austrian countryside at a village called Anger. The first year I painted on pillars at a bus stop under a highway overpass. It was great to interact with the people of Anger and they seemed to enjoy the artwork. I was invited back the following year to paint another column with a mural dedicated to the town. There was an unveiling and they named the bridge in my honor. The section of overpass where the murals exist is now called "Ellingson Brücke" . Below are two posts about that experience.

KEPLER/SOMNIUM Murals in Anger, Austria

"In May 2013, I participated in the KOMM.ST art festival in Anger, Austria as part of their "TEN ARTISTS" residency program. My project was to complete two murals at the local bus stop in two weeks time. This was my second trip to the Styria region of Austria, and during my first visit I had learned that 17th-century astronomer/mathematician Johannes Kepler lived and worked in Styria..."


ANGER Mural in Anger, Austria

"In 2014, I was asked to return to Anger, Austria to participate in the KOMM.ST art festival as an artist-in-residence. The previous year I had created a Kepler-themed mural at the bus stop under the bridge/overpass that runs through town. This time, I decided that I wanted to create a colorful tribute to the village of Anger. At the end of the festival, they renamed the bridge "Ellingson Brücke" after my artwork..."