Dirty Martini in "Zero Gravity"

In January 2007, my artwork was picked to be a part of the first ever art exhibition in space aboard the International Space Station. The "Zero Gravity" art exhibition was part of space entrepreneur Richard Garriott’s mission to the station. Garriott had many activities planned for the trip, including the creation of artwork in orbit. The title of the piece is the artwork, “”Dirty Martini and the Birth of the Space Program”, a portrait of burlesque icon Dirty Martini. After the trip into space, Mr. Garriott sent me photos of the show and it’s audience of crew members. I’m thrilled to have been a part of this historic event and honored that I was invited. The artwork was auctioned off for charity to benefit the Challenger Center for Space Science Education. At the opening for the art auction, I got to meet and shake hands with celebrity guest, Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin.