These are a few examples of design collateral for my business as a graphic designer and illustrator. In addition to an online/social-media presence, I engage with my fan base at trade shows and comic book conventions. These materials are designed to be readable from a distance and iconic for recognition. The crossbones design was co-opted from a grave marker in the town of Anger, Austria. I incorporated it as part of my identity because the town named a local bridge after me. It seemed like a fair trade.



I really enjoy books. Nothing beats the texture and feel of actual paper and ink. Below are some examples of books that I have self-published for promotional purposes. Most of these were folded and stapled by hand in my home studio. The "Ellingson Illustrated" book was an experiment with on-demand printing.


The Local 303

The Local 303 was an art space that I managed and worked at. It consisted of three other illustrators as well as online radio station SomaFM. We had great studio art openings, group events, and workshops. I designed the logo with a union aesthetic in mind. We used the logo on Local 303 postcards, shirts, and buttons. The door to our space also featured a Local 303 vinyl decal.



Occasionally I will be tasked with creating graphic treatments for logos, beverage labels, and things that require typography. Sometimes I help concept out three dimensional installations as well. Below are a few examples of random things that I have designed in the past few years.