"Assertive", Slimer #109

"Assertive", Slimer #109

"The Daily Slimer" Whiteboard Sketches

I started drawing Slimers on a whiteboard while working at a games studio on a Ghostbusters project. The other artists in the studio encouraged me to draw a new one often and before long I was doing them every day. I'm no longer at that job, but I still post daily whiteboard Slimers from my home office, numbering them as I go. It has become my morning warm-up sketch exercise and it really helps me get things going. The limitations of dry-erase markers and the temporary nature of whiteboard drawings is appealing to me. It's oddly as satisfying to obliterate the sketches as it is to create them.  I've started The Daily Slimer blog to help catalog the drawings and share them with my followers online. I even feature guest-artists from time to time.

The Daily Slimer Blog

Here are a few of my Daily Slimers.