Josh's Cut Paper Demo

Things you'll need to begin:

The Reference

For this demo, you'll be using a jpg as a template to create a "digital cut paper" version. I chose these succulent flowers because they have simple shapes that might translate well to the project. I will be focussing on one or two flowers but you can chose whichever flower you want to follow along with.

Click this image and copy it to your clipboard.

PaperTextures.psd Layers

PaperTextures.psd Layers

The Paper

You will also need the PaperTexturesLowRes.psd file. This will be like our digital pad of paper to cut from. We'll be moving chunks of texture from this file over to the flowers file to make our paper flowers. There are four different paper textures here. Feel free to pick and chose or even find more textures on the greater internet.

Please download the PaperTexturesLowRes.psd file here or at the Google Drive link below.

Okay, you once you have those two things, you should be ready to start. Thanks!