Bear Witness III, Ego Trippin'
Corn Segment

Directed by: Eric Henry, Syd Garon
2D Animation: Eric Henry, Syd Garon, Josh Ellingson
3D Animation: Eric Henry
Music: Dan the Automator
© 2003 MCA Records

When director Eric Henry called me up asking for assistance with this project, I quit my day job and never looked back. I'm a big fan of the work of Eric and Syd. They created the animated hip-hop classic Wave Twisters and various other experimental videos and animation. On this project we were going for a war propaganda poster style. The section that I worked on mostly dealt with genetically engineered corn. Here's how Eric describes the video on his website:
"This music video for Dan the Automator is a four-part study in hubris. Each section explores a different 'ego trip'— military, cosmetic, scientific, and engineering/industrial — and takes it to its logical conclusion. Pride cometh before the fall."
Blue Mountain Demo Reel,
Animations created between 1999-2002

I used to work at as an animator. While I was there, I created hundreds of graphics for all kinds of ecards, invites, and whatever other art they needed. This video has a few of the animations that I could scavenge from what is left of Blue Mountain. They are now owned and operated by American Greetings and many of the cards I did were lost in the redesign. Here's a link to some of my cards on the current site: